Life and Learning

Do you feel hungry but then you have no idea of what to eat? At some point that happens to everyone,I guess. But have you experienced being mentally insatiated?


I always look forward to learning something everyday so I feed my insatiable cerebrum with anything I can find, thanks to Larry Page and the company.  We should at least learn something to keep the noggin workin. A paper I’ve read says, ‘..learning is defined as a permanent change in the behavior of an organism due to experience.’ The best way to learn is to experience either a situation or an emotion no matter how good or bad it can be it will surely give you something to be reminded of, if not, then a moral benefit.

But there are things , of course, that you don’t have to go through just to learn from it. You may learn a bunch of things from other people’s tales and experiences. The hunger for knowledge should not stop. It should be like change, something that is constantly happening in our lives. How deeply you have understood the meaning of life or how superficially you lived your life is a very subjective perspective. Nurturing our mental capacity can be very rewarding for ignorance is not an excuse in any situation. You will always gain something out of it no matter how silly it is. In a nutshell, as Alanis Morisette sang -you live, you learn so one must never retire in learning new things.