The Leap of Faith


As an employer it is best to be aware of what makes your workers think of leaving the company despite the benefits, compensation and career development they obtain. There are so many reasons why employees leave their company. Have you briefly taken a look into these reasons and tried to address them?

The top 3 reasons are compensation and benefits, lack of lateral moves or no potential for promotions, and the lack of empathy from the management. These are the common reasons that companies have been facing and are the challenges of the business that needs to be straightened out but will never be resolved as the individual needs are varying in its nature. As human resources department incessantly finds the suited candidate for a job, employees needs will ultimately  increase over the course of time.


The main reason of working is to sustain our needs and fulfill our wants, that is why when we are engaged in a company that pays a dime for a day’s pail of sweat makes us think hard whether to stay or quit. It usually makes it easier for you to quit your low paying job when another company steps in the way and offers a better compensation package with a job descriptions lesser than the  job you have come to loathe. Another reason for quitting is the lack of room for leveling up. Let’s face it, a smart employee will never cease to deliver great results if given a challenging, realistic task tied with a reward, in this case, a promotion. Children get bored with the same lessons everyday that their mind tend to wander and start to lose their focus and begin thinking of something interesting. In the same way, if an employee is doing the same stuff for a very long time, they would start looking for a meaningful job to attain a degree of achievement.

In my point of view, moving from one company to another makes no sense if you would be doing the same tasks that you have been doing in the previous company that made you decide to leave in the first place. Finding the kind of job that brings out the best in you is so good to be true. Most of us are just stuck in jobs that we didn’t even imagine doing in the past 5 years. The compensation of employees and management scheme of your company will always play an important role in the operation of your business. Your employees do the work and that alone is a good reason you should take a break and find out whether they’re happy to work for you.



This is not the familiar fastfood van that sells in the neighborhood or in the busy streets like those in Makati.

In one of the busy areas of Kuala Lumpur, just a few steps from the popular Chinatown ang Petaling Street this van is parked. Alongside the Kota Raya mall, where the multirace people are amassed especially during weekends these people are enjoying a free food from this van. The free food is from a good samaritan who devotes to helping those who arent able to afford a decent meal. Its a buffet style free meal for homeless people and desolated ones. Some of them Chinese, some Indians, and some are local Malays.

The food is mainly Nase Goreng and fried chicken with the spicy Sambal that never misses a delectable Malaysian meal. Theres sweet and sour fish but then again the sauce is basically spicy and hot.

A mixture of diverse culture and race gathered in these banquet.

Turkish Ice Cream II


This is the rod i was talking about! The ice cream is sweeter and more delicious after catching it from the vendors skillful and playful hands. The ice cream vendor teases you to get the ice cream from him as he hands it over. Its a funny chase if you aren’t mouthwatering. At some point you end up looking stupid in the middle of the crowd entertained by the vendors performance with you as the subject. Well I thought its cool that the “victims” are not pissed off and  didnt decide to throw the ice cream to the vendor’s face. It doesn’t actually follow that the vendor should be Turk but the ice cream tricks started in Istanbul.

So If you are at the height of craving for ice cream try this, im pretty sure its a different level of enjoying ice cream, just be ready for the game cause its part of the price!


Turkish Ice Cream


They only have 2 flavors, durian and chocolate. Surprisingly the Durian ice cream was so creamy and delicious. What i like about it is the creaminess without the overriped odor. Chocolate ice cream is too mainstream although theirs has a distinguished taste, its still the same choco flavored sweet ice cream. Until now im wondering why they used that long rod to scoop the ice cream instead of using the normal scoop. Perhaps next time when i drop by, id care to ask.



Mixed Spices

Malaysia is a very diverse country that has different ethnic races. Native Malaysian  population is more than 50% , other locals are Indians and Chinese people and some of the total populace is from the Philippines and other neighboring Southeast Asian countries . Their country is said to be “megadiverse” due to different nationalities who have come to settle and live here. Due to the mixture of different races, Malaysia is one of the countries where food is of great varieties. Living in Kuala Lumpur is surely going to be one of the memorable days of my lifetime.  I have come across some of their daily Malaysian cuisines, thanks to my colleagues who never got tired of my curiosity and who were so nice and patient to suggest on what should i devour every time we take our lunch. Unlike the Philippines, we have the PUJ or the public utility jeepneys which is the common mode of transportation and we also have tricycles or pedicabs for nearby our errands, they don’t have public utility vehicles aside from train,bus and the Tekshi(taxi-i like the Malay word better :D). Almost all Malays have their cars since it is one of the countries with cheap oil price, it’s a necessity to have a car . My local officemates have cars so it wasn’t difficult for us to go to  distant restaurants and diners during our 2-hour breaks past midnight.

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay

Satay coequals the barbecue we used to have during early evening in the Philippine streets. It could be chicken,beef, or goat or kambing(Malay word for goat is kambing also). It comes with a chili,peanut butter and God knows what other spices they have with the sauce, served with cucumber and onions which is quite unavoidable in hearty,warm Malaysian dishes.

Served with peanut butter sauce and God knows what other spices was it concocted! (tastes better with calamansi and toyo :D)

I have come to taste quite few other meals but i had so much difficulty in remembering their names. So far, Satay is the easiest dish name i did not forget.

The Elevator Ghost

    I work at night and ends early before sunrise. The office is just nearby so i just take a brisk walk fast home. Our pad is called Menara Bakti. I dont really know about Malaysian building’s naming convention but ive heard from a colleague that Menara means “tower”, Bakti might be a name of person or probably one of their national heroes. Like my homeland used to have named almost all of the streets in the Metropolitan Area with our national heroes and the prominent people bearing the colonial Spanish last names. The building is a towering structure, not so new, with eighteen floors and 3 male caretakers that makes me feel like they always think im homeless and just asking a friend that resides in Bakti to let me sleep in their couch to get through the day. All condos in KL provide you with an access card that serves as your resident pass to be able to enter the premises . You see im a Wonderwoman, i always wonder where i put my things cause i have chronic forgetfulness that occassionally attacks in a day. One day i forgot where i put that damn white piece of a plastic, my access card, one of the 3 sentinels suspiciously asked me, ” you stay here?”,i replied with a puss in boots smile, ” oh yes i live 1410″-you cant be mindful of your grammar here otherwise they wouldnt understand a thing you were saying. Without moving from his seat,He said,”everyone have one card here,cannot!”. I figured he wouldnt swipe his access card so i gave probably the sweetest, apologetic smile and said,”oh so sorry lah, forgot the card upstairs lah, can you(demonstrating my hand on the door access) i go up lah”. He hesitated at first, i tilted my head childishly then said,”please,laaah”. So he handed me the access card and i swiped it victoriously at the door, went in and said thank you with a vanished smile. When local Malaysians speak they attach “lah” after the sentence to make it sound benevolent and sweet.

Its 5am in the morning obviously im going to be alone in the elevator all the way up inside that claustrophobic walls. I could imagine all the Japanese horror movies ive watched while inside and its so eerie and spooky, but you know that feeling when you act like you are not afraid of anything cause you think the ghosts are watching you and just waiting for you to get scared so they could start to frighten you, im pretty good at that. I always pretend i don’t have any idea what a bloody ghost looks like, and i felt so relieved neither they(the ghosts or whatever it is thats scary) appeared nor the elevator stops and opens to a dimension never seen by human race! When the elevator door opens slightly on our pad’s level i could sense my soul running ahead out of my body.


This happens every freakin mornin workdays but i dont mind. It makes me stronger and conquer my weaknesses. In life, if you wanna go up to the nth level you must overcome your own fears and know your timing. All along surely the bumps will always be in your way you feel coward and you wanna go back, it doesnt take you to where you wanna go. Just keep going, what matters is you have the courage.

MMA: No-holds-barred


          If you have imagined that Mixed Martial Arts was the hobby only for the Chinese people and the Asians, well, the Caucasians have their own share of the physiological art as well. Ancient Greece was the first to introduce this sport and was later on adapted by the Romans. The Mixed Martial Arts evolved from Prankation an ancient olympic combat sport that is mainly exercised by grappling and striking skills. It’s a full body contact competition that includes Muay Thai, kickboxing, wrestling, boxing, taekwondo, jujitsu,  judo, karate and other styles. This blend or combination of different Martial Arts disciplines became known as the Mixed Martial Arts. As all fighting skills are compounded there are many ways to win. The fighters begin at their feet and could end up pressed down to the carpet or squeezed to the iron wall cages.

Ken Shamrock
Ken Shamrock

When you hear Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) what pops out of your mind is the popular Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the popular sports entertainment today and the names: Randy Couture, Royce Gracie, Ken Shamrock, Matt HUghes, Tito Ortiz and many more. These men are amongst the Top UFC fighters nowadays and have dedicated their time, sweat and blood for entertainment, fame and money. It has gained popularity since the waning of the WWF and the audience must have loved and experienced a different  level of thrill and suspense in watching the fight.

Randy Couture
Randy Couture

The UFC originated in Brazil’s  Vale Tudo tournaments, the first event was  in Denver, Colorado in 1993. The Mixed Martial Arts is a freestyle fighting that involves agility in almost all disciplines. The key is for the fighter to know the best time to use which martial arts would bring his opponent’s fall. Various training camps have been organized to fully understand the strategies and effectiveness of each strike to bring about victory in a competition and also to avoid blood-and-guts mislay. The Mixed Martial Arts  is a no-holds-barred fighting that requires a serious skill and knowledge of almost all fighting disciplines. It may seem barbaric to some but to the one who practices, it is the art of being in a realm where victory is pride                                   

Royce Gracie utilized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UFC’s early years to defeat opponents of greater size and strength,

The Mixed Martial Arts:  No-holds-barred is about its origin and how it came to be one of the entertainment sports of today. It tells you about the famous organization that fundamentally adapted this fighting style as the main qualification of a competitor.

The article provided some information about the present-day fighters and their ranks as a UFC fighter. It also tells about how to win the game.



I want to write something today,something that’s going on in my mind. You see I have a lot. I just dont know whether it matters or Desktop Backgroundnot.When you think of things, you dont know if its worth a bit of pondering or not.Its just there hangin in your clouded brain. I want to write what’s on my mind to find out, myself, which of these things have significance. But Im not sure whether to write it or not. Where do I start, i guess would be the hardest part of it. Since I am unsure about its relevance i doubt if i would be able to do it. This is funny but right at this moment I cant think of anything to write. I just want to pour some words… i wanna be able to tell a story. Be it of importance or not. Unfortunately, I have no idea. I know i wanna tell you something. I want to entertain you with my storytelling. For now I must think. What could there be in this lonely boring afternoon to tell? Nothing.

Shattered iPhone 4 Glass Repair

            If you think that an iphone 4 glass repair is      almost impossible,fret not for there are shops that offer high quality fixes! A friend once shared a video on my facebook wall about cellphone drop tests and iphone was amongst the vulnerable gadget you will find.

Iphone 4 glass repair is not included in Apple’s hardware warranty. Accidental damage is not covered also but you can search the web for a couple of companies that offer iphone glass repair or replacement.

The repair varies with models so Iphone 3g/3gs and iPhone 4 glass, digitizer and LCD are completely differrent and cannot be used interchangably. The iphone 4 glass repair is more expensive compared to the earlier iphone generations simply because the material is a fusion of the glass, the digitizer and the LCD. You cant possibly reuse the parts separately since it is manufactured together from the factory.

The iPhone 3g/3gs versions have separate LCD screens, hence you can use the undamaged part on refurbished phones making it a less expensive repair for earlier versions. If you have, not much of an inkling about your iphone’s anatomy let me give you a pinch of the information.

The iPhone 4 is a touchscreen smartphone that runs an iOS operating system controlled by a user’s fingertips on a glass slate. A successor to the iphone 3gs the new design in iPhone 4 is noticeable with its uninsulated stainless steel frame that acts as the device’s antenna and the chemically strengthened aluminisicate glass in the front and the back.  The so-called Gorilla glass display nowadays is a feature that a smartphone couldnt go without. It is said to be unscratchable, unshatterable material that gives protection for your mobile window. It is said to be durable and that the glass is 30 times harder than plastic. A part of the iphone 4 glass repair is the digitizer which is fused or glued under the glass cover. It is very important in the process of replacing a shatterred glass since it is the electronic component that senses the touch of a human finger and which is the input of the device that allows the unit to be controlled by a fingertip. So if you have an unresponsive screen that means you also need the glass to be replaced. Thats the reason why the iphone 4 glass repair/ replacement is more expensive than fixing its predecessors. There are so many options for iPhone 4 repair services and it could be confusing. Some online service centers provide good deals like free shipping and a faster repair turnaround time. The iPhone 4 glass repair may cost you around $90-$120 for the LCD/ display & touch screen while the replacement back cover ranges from $20-30. I remember going across a site that offers $99 for unlimited sevice for the life of the iPhone. Its a pretty good deal but you must also check if they use originally manufactured parts from Apple otherwise its not a good idea to put a cheap part on your $600 iPhone. Good service centers ensure that a skilled technician is assigned and that they use high quality parts. There are also companies that offer DIY or Do-It-Yourself repair kits but you have to keep in mind that these are for advanced users and its not as easy as it looks, although some have successfully installed them, it is recommended that you leave the job to the very techically inclined.

In case your iphone did not survive that sudden impact, stop being a worrywart cause there are lots of stuff in the web that offer iphone 4 glass repair and insurance companies who offer warranty that also covers damage, lost and theft protection, you can choose from.