A Ferry Trip to the Mall

KL Monorail, elevated traversing.
KL Monorail, elevated traversing.

I went to The Mines last month because it is the only venue in Malaysia where the renowned Big Bad Wolf book fair is held every year. Well, since the past 2 years that I’ve been here actually. I enjoyed the jaunt so much  and I’d love to go back there again because of two things.

First, I love riding the monorail! For an engineering dummy, this ride has captured the youngster in me. I hated the tummy twirling coaster rides in theme parks although the slightly tilting monorail gives a twitch that my stomach can bear, but I can’t help the tingling sensation on my feet when it leans on a turning point. This urban transport was opened 11 years ago, on 31st of August 2003. It was a multi-million project built by KL Infrastructure Group the first Malaysian company to achieve such a huge project in South East Asia. Today, RapidKL operates the KL Monorail ,  a government subsidiary company that oversees the public transport infrastructure in Malaysia. They did an impressive transport system that helped a lot in the  city’s traffic management. It was an eye-opening experience for someone like me whose country’s transport system is in complete disorder.

Docked inside the Mall's wharf.
Docked inside the Mall’s wharf.

Second, from the monorail station there’s a ferry that carries shoppers to the mall. It’s a short trip but the fact that this mall have a tiny wharf inside is quite interesting. And so I went en route to The Mines shopping mall on-board the 20-seat ferry and like a kid with utter excitement, I was so delighted to see the swans afloat in the lake! It was the first time for me to see a real swan. All the while, I suspected that this graceful creäture is on the verge of extinction as the earth is turning into a digital world. I’m so happy I was wrong.

The Mines Shopping mall is located at the former largest open-pit tin site of the world, south of the Federal District of Kuala Lumpur in Seri KembanganSelangor. It is a complete recreational and tourism area spanned with hotels, spa, business parks, a convention center, and a golf club. The transformation of this mine into a Wellness City is part of the government’s Economic Transformation Plan under the Prime Minister’s authority.

Arriving at the mall, I didn’t let the boat crew stop me from taking a photo after it was quickly moored at the tiny docking platform. It was a very refreshing ride. The smell of the lake water breeze and the placid waters of the lake made an unperturbed expression to my phlegmatic soul. I dearly love the ecosystem and to me the city sends a hidden message to the public; our natural resources can co-exist with human in this modern,technologically hyped era .

My tour guide, who was so excited to get on-board.
My tour guide, who was so excited to be on-board.
The Mines Resort City entrance leading to the ferry's docking platform.
The Mines Resort City entrance leading to the ferry’s docking platform.
Mall wharf
The mall wharf

Mixed Spices

Malaysia is a very diverse country that has different ethnic races. Native Malaysian  population is more than 50% , other locals are Indians and Chinese people and some of the total populace is from the Philippines and other neighboring Southeast Asian countries . Their country is said to be “megadiverse” due to different nationalities who have come to settle and live here. Due to the mixture of different races, Malaysia is one of the countries where food is of great varieties. Living in Kuala Lumpur is surely going to be one of the memorable days of my lifetime.  I have come across some of their daily Malaysian cuisines, thanks to my colleagues who never got tired of my curiosity and who were so nice and patient to suggest on what should i devour every time we take our lunch. Unlike the Philippines, we have the PUJ or the public utility jeepneys which is the common mode of transportation and we also have tricycles or pedicabs for nearby our errands, they don’t have public utility vehicles aside from train,bus and the Tekshi(taxi-i like the Malay word better :D). Almost all Malays have their cars since it is one of the countries with cheap oil price, it’s a necessity to have a car . My local officemates have cars so it wasn’t difficult for us to go to  distant restaurants and diners during our 2-hour breaks past midnight.

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay

Satay coequals the barbecue we used to have during early evening in the Philippine streets. It could be chicken,beef, or goat or kambing(Malay word for goat is kambing also). It comes with a chili,peanut butter and God knows what other spices they have with the sauce, served with cucumber and onions which is quite unavoidable in hearty,warm Malaysian dishes.

Served with peanut butter sauce and God knows what other spices was it concocted! (tastes better with calamansi and toyo :D)

I have come to taste quite few other meals but i had so much difficulty in remembering their names. So far, Satay is the easiest dish name i did not forget.