Turkish Ice Cream


They only have 2 flavors, durian and chocolate. Surprisingly the Durian ice cream was so creamy and delicious. What i like about it is the creaminess without the overriped odor. Chocolate ice cream is too mainstream although theirs has a distinguished taste, its still the same choco flavored sweet ice cream. Until now im wondering why they used that long rod to scoop the ice cream instead of using the normal scoop. Perhaps next time when i drop by, id care to ask.




Mixed Spices

Malaysia is a very diverse country that has different ethnic races. Native Malaysian  population is more than 50% , other locals are Indians and Chinese people and some of the total populace is from the Philippines and other neighboring Southeast Asian countries . Their country is said to be “megadiverse” due to different nationalities who have come to settle and live here. Due to the mixture of different races, Malaysia is one of the countries where food is of great varieties. Living in Kuala Lumpur is surely going to be one of the memorable days of my lifetime.  I have come across some of their daily Malaysian cuisines, thanks to my colleagues who never got tired of my curiosity and who were so nice and patient to suggest on what should i devour every time we take our lunch. Unlike the Philippines, we have the PUJ or the public utility jeepneys which is the common mode of transportation and we also have tricycles or pedicabs for nearby our errands, they don’t have public utility vehicles aside from train,bus and the Tekshi(taxi-i like the Malay word better :D). Almost all Malays have their cars since it is one of the countries with cheap oil price, it’s a necessity to have a car . My local officemates have cars so it wasn’t difficult for us to go to  distant restaurants and diners during our 2-hour breaks past midnight.

Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay

Satay coequals the barbecue we used to have during early evening in the Philippine streets. It could be chicken,beef, or goat or kambing(Malay word for goat is kambing also). It comes with a chili,peanut butter and God knows what other spices they have with the sauce, served with cucumber and onions which is quite unavoidable in hearty,warm Malaysian dishes.

Served with peanut butter sauce and God knows what other spices was it concocted! (tastes better with calamansi and toyo :D)

I have come to taste quite few other meals but i had so much difficulty in remembering their names. So far, Satay is the easiest dish name i did not forget.