One Sunday Afternoon in Malaysia


Cr.2015-2016-Petaling Jaya Section 14
An afternoon stride  from church. This is the plaza going to our apartment from Menara Bakti area where we usually have lunch at the Chinese hawkers.


There was A Time

There was a time when horizon was vast and the mind was clear,
And the world was lovely and everywhere was rife with peer;

There was a time when gloomy skies where at sight,
And so I was fierce and fought with might;

There was a time when birds a singin’,
And you rarely hear when the bells a ringin’;

There was a time when you thought you are nowhere,
And someone is always there;

There was a time when you wanted to stop,
And you hear a whisper it’s not all about luck;

There was a time when all you hear is the music playing,
And all you can to do is stomp and sway with the beating;

There was a time when you have lived and carried out,
And surely you know it will come and you don’t want to miss out.

Dataran Millenium Cr 2014 Dec

                                                                       —Moonlight Shadow

The Female Mistake

A satirical truth. This is fun,sensible, sharp pen you may want to read on. Great piece for me!

Adulthood is Terriffying

If you’re female, two things are true: First, you’re about to be offended. Second, girls are stupid.

Blah, blah blah blah, blah, blah blah! Yes, I know. You have a Ph. D. You invented Kevlar. You’re a savant who figured out how to soothe over-excited animals and you wrote some  books about autism.

But dismount your high-horse of feminism, Lady Godiva, and answer me this: Do you know the difference between a problem and a mistake?

No. Because you have a uterus. And it makes you stupid. Black people can say the N-word, Neil Patrick Harris is allowed to call people gay, and I am a card-carrying member of the “Women Are Idiots” club. This is America, dammit!


Now that 90% of you have left my small corner of the internet to find a more offensive and less interesting one, allow me to take a deeper dive into my…

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A Pocket Full of Dreams

A Pocket Full of Dreams

Looking at the horizon of a quiet sea and cloudy blue skies

Dreams lie beyond reach for a restless heart and a playful fate

With unpredictable might came the waves that reverberate

Washed away, wandered, wrapped with iniquities

Serenity within is all the time paramount yet wearisome

The face speaks for everything mundane, nothing is for free

Holding on to your desires, painstakingly

For what is life without a profound meaning, without dreaming?



Life and Learning

Do you feel hungry but then you have no idea of what to eat? At some point that happens to everyone,I guess. But have you experienced being mentally insatiated?


I always look forward to learning something everyday so I feed my insatiable cerebrum with anything I can find, thanks to Larry Page and the company.  We should at least learn something to keep the noggin workin. A paper I’ve read says, ‘..learning is defined as a permanent change in the behavior of an organism due to experience.’ The best way to learn is to experience either a situation or an emotion no matter how good or bad it can be it will surely give you something to be reminded of, if not, then a moral benefit.

But there are things , of course, that you don’t have to go through just to learn from it. You may learn a bunch of things from other people’s tales and experiences. The hunger for knowledge should not stop. It should be like change, something that is constantly happening in our lives. How deeply you have understood the meaning of life or how superficially you lived your life is a very subjective perspective. Nurturing our mental capacity can be very rewarding for ignorance is not an excuse in any situation. You will always gain something out of it no matter how silly it is. In a nutshell, as Alanis Morisette sang -you live, you learn so one must never retire in learning new things.

Patience is a Virtue

I write when I feel emotionally intensified like being extremely sad. I can’t seem to write the word melancholic because it seems it would take a long time to subside. My feelings usually last for one or two days only, after that I can be my myself again, a positive thinker, who feels happy inside-out, a diligent laborer striving to learn something everyday and a dreamer. Looking back, I would always have a journal to write bits and pieces of my thoughts and feelings because having a laptop then was way too MSInfoexpensive for my parents to afford. It was a simple 30 leaves notebook with very huge lines like the ones in the 1st grade. That wasn’t too long ago, though.

When I was in my high school years, i dreamed of having a lot of books. I studied in a remote coastal area gratefully raised by my Grandparents in a rural area of Southern Philippines, Mindanao. My classes end at 5pm and together with my friends we would walk home passing by the public library of tiny but untroubled municipality. I recall my amusement of the hardbound books I found there particularly the Grolier encyclopedia with such shiny and colorful pages. I was charmed and dreamed of having one. I am not claiming to be a voracious reader but I just have this urge of possessing books even until now. We would come to the public library for research and homework now and then until I came across this three books bundled in a box. It was a thesaurus a book of proverbs and a dictionary. All I can remember was the red hardbound proverbs book. It contained very inspiring lines that I wrote them alphabetically in a notebook so I can read it because I have to return the book after a day of borrowing it so other students can take it from the shelf as well. Since then, I wanted to write.

There is an inexplicable joy in writing for me. Discovering the things that I want to write about is the most challenging part of this attempt. I know I have so many things to learn about it. Indeed, it is challenging but I know it is worth the while.

Friday Fun — What drives you to write?

I have not written so much at this point in my life but everytime I shared my piece they would say I could write. I feel elated when I hear them appreciate my work and I am dead serious in enhancing what I have. To me writing is a channel of our soul. It is the manifestation of our emotions and our whole being. The outpour of our ups and downs and other peoples perception of life. It is how we record the things that surround us and its effect to ourselves or certain people and how we react on it.

Live to Write - Write to Live

Friday Fun is a group post from the writers of the NHWN blog. Each week, we’ll pose and answer a different, get-to-know-us question. We hope you’ll join in by providing your answer in the comments.

QUESTION: This is a “Big Question,” but we’re going to ask anyway – in a light-hearted and stress-free way: What is your biggest motivator to write? Is it curiosity? A need to communicate? A desire to educate, entertain, or influence? Fame and fortune? 

headshot_jw_thumbnailJamie Wallace:My answer to this question is always evolving, but I think that mostly I write in order to figure things out and create connections. Journaling was my first writing love. I began journaling to capture experiences, but soon graduated to processing experiences – exploring my feelings, the context of what had happened on a broader stage, the history of ideas and happenings. Today, most of what I write continues to…

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A Ferry Trip to the Mall

KL Monorail, elevated traversing.
KL Monorail, elevated traversing.

I went to The Mines last month because it is the only venue in Malaysia where the renowned Big Bad Wolf book fair is held every year. Well, since the past 2 years that I’ve been here actually. I enjoyed the jaunt so much  and I’d love to go back there again because of two things.

First, I love riding the monorail! For an engineering dummy, this ride has captured the youngster in me. I hated the tummy twirling coaster rides in theme parks although the slightly tilting monorail gives a twitch that my stomach can bear, but I can’t help the tingling sensation on my feet when it leans on a turning point. This urban transport was opened 11 years ago, on 31st of August 2003. It was a multi-million project built by KL Infrastructure Group the first Malaysian company to achieve such a huge project in South East Asia. Today, RapidKL operates the KL Monorail ,  a government subsidiary company that oversees the public transport infrastructure in Malaysia. They did an impressive transport system that helped a lot in the  city’s traffic management. It was an eye-opening experience for someone like me whose country’s transport system is in complete disorder.

Docked inside the Mall's wharf.
Docked inside the Mall’s wharf.

Second, from the monorail station there’s a ferry that carries shoppers to the mall. It’s a short trip but the fact that this mall have a tiny wharf inside is quite interesting. And so I went en route to The Mines shopping mall on-board the 20-seat ferry and like a kid with utter excitement, I was so delighted to see the swans afloat in the lake! It was the first time for me to see a real swan. All the while, I suspected that this graceful creäture is on the verge of extinction as the earth is turning into a digital world. I’m so happy I was wrong.

The Mines Shopping mall is located at the former largest open-pit tin site of the world, south of the Federal District of Kuala Lumpur in Seri KembanganSelangor. It is a complete recreational and tourism area spanned with hotels, spa, business parks, a convention center, and a golf club. The transformation of this mine into a Wellness City is part of the government’s Economic Transformation Plan under the Prime Minister’s authority.

Arriving at the mall, I didn’t let the boat crew stop me from taking a photo after it was quickly moored at the tiny docking platform. It was a very refreshing ride. The smell of the lake water breeze and the placid waters of the lake made an unperturbed expression to my phlegmatic soul. I dearly love the ecosystem and to me the city sends a hidden message to the public; our natural resources can co-exist with human in this modern,technologically hyped era .

My tour guide, who was so excited to get on-board.
My tour guide, who was so excited to be on-board.
The Mines Resort City entrance leading to the ferry's docking platform.
The Mines Resort City entrance leading to the ferry’s docking platform.
Mall wharf
The mall wharf

My Oasis

jocuri-spiritualeI’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for the past 22 months. It has been a wonderful journey for me. I have met people from all walks of life. I gained friends, I have acquired knowledge to survive at work and most importantly, I have found the way to revive my communication with our God the Father.

God favors me so much to have experience His unconditional grace. He has communicated with me closely thru the people that surround me. I am in deep gratitude to them for they have help me grow spiritually, emotionally and professionally.

All my life I felt that He is with me all the time. I’ve had unanswered prayers but I never lose my faith and trust in Him.