The Leap of Faith


As an employer it is best to be aware of what makes your workers think of leaving the company despite the benefits, compensation and career development they obtain. There are so many reasons why employees leave their company. Have you briefly taken a look into these reasons and tried to address them?

The top 3 reasons are compensation and benefits, lack of lateral moves or no potential for promotions, and the lack of empathy from the management. These are the common reasons that companies have been facing and are the challenges of the business that needs to be straightened out but will never be resolved as the individual needs are varying in its nature. As human resources department incessantly finds the suited candidate for a job, employees needs will ultimately  increase over the course of time.


The main reason of working is to sustain our needs and fulfill our wants, that is why when we are engaged in a company that pays a dime for a day’s pail of sweat makes us think hard whether to stay or quit. It usually makes it easier for you to quit your low paying job when another company steps in the way and offers a better compensation package with a job descriptions lesser than the  job you have come to loathe. Another reason for quitting is the lack of room for leveling up. Let’s face it, a smart employee will never cease to deliver great results if given a challenging, realistic task tied with a reward, in this case, a promotion. Children get bored with the same lessons everyday that their mind tend to wander and start to lose their focus and begin thinking of something interesting. In the same way, if an employee is doing the same stuff for a very long time, they would start looking for a meaningful job to attain a degree of achievement.

In my point of view, moving from one company to another makes no sense if you would be doing the same tasks that you have been doing in the previous company that made you decide to leave in the first place. Finding the kind of job that brings out the best in you is so good to be true. Most of us are just stuck in jobs that we didn’t even imagine doing in the past 5 years. The compensation of employees and management scheme of your company will always play an important role in the operation of your business. Your employees do the work and that alone is a good reason you should take a break and find out whether they’re happy to work for you.


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