This is not the familiar fastfood van that sells in the neighborhood or in the busy streets like those in Makati.

In one of the busy areas of Kuala Lumpur, just a few steps from the popular Chinatown ang Petaling Street this van is parked. Alongside the Kota Raya mall, where the multirace people are amassed especially during weekends these people are enjoying a free food from this van. The free food is from a good samaritan who devotes to helping those who arent able to afford a decent meal. Its a buffet style free meal for homeless people and desolated ones. Some of them Chinese, some Indians, and some are local Malays.

The food is mainly Nase Goreng and fried chicken with the spicy Sambal that never misses a delectable Malaysian meal. Theres sweet and sour fish but then again the sauce is basically spicy and hot.

A mixture of diverse culture and race gathered in these banquet.


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