The Elevator Ghost

    I work at night and ends early before sunrise. The office is just nearby so i just take a brisk walk fast home. Our pad is called Menara Bakti. I dont really know about Malaysian building’s naming convention but ive heard from a colleague that Menara means “tower”, Bakti might be a name of person or probably one of their national heroes. Like my homeland used to have named almost all of the streets in the Metropolitan Area with our national heroes and the prominent people bearing the colonial Spanish last names. The building is a towering structure, not so new, with eighteen floors and 3 male caretakers that makes me feel like they always think im homeless and just asking a friend that resides in Bakti to let me sleep in their couch to get through the day. All condos in KL provide you with an access card that serves as your resident pass to be able to enter the premises . You see im a Wonderwoman, i always wonder where i put my things cause i have chronic forgetfulness that occassionally attacks in a day. One day i forgot where i put that damn white piece of a plastic, my access card, one of the 3 sentinels suspiciously asked me, ” you stay here?”,i replied with a puss in boots smile, ” oh yes i live 1410″-you cant be mindful of your grammar here otherwise they wouldnt understand a thing you were saying. Without moving from his seat,He said,”everyone have one card here,cannot!”. I figured he wouldnt swipe his access card so i gave probably the sweetest, apologetic smile and said,”oh so sorry lah, forgot the card upstairs lah, can you(demonstrating my hand on the door access) i go up lah”. He hesitated at first, i tilted my head childishly then said,”please,laaah”. So he handed me the access card and i swiped it victoriously at the door, went in and said thank you with a vanished smile. When local Malaysians speak they attach “lah” after the sentence to make it sound benevolent and sweet.

Its 5am in the morning obviously im going to be alone in the elevator all the way up inside that claustrophobic walls. I could imagine all the Japanese horror movies ive watched while inside and its so eerie and spooky, but you know that feeling when you act like you are not afraid of anything cause you think the ghosts are watching you and just waiting for you to get scared so they could start to frighten you, im pretty good at that. I always pretend i don’t have any idea what a bloody ghost looks like, and i felt so relieved neither they(the ghosts or whatever it is thats scary) appeared nor the elevator stops and opens to a dimension never seen by human race! When the elevator door opens slightly on our pad’s level i could sense my soul running ahead out of my body.


This happens every freakin mornin workdays but i dont mind. It makes me stronger and conquer my weaknesses. In life, if you wanna go up to the nth level you must overcome your own fears and know your timing. All along surely the bumps will always be in your way you feel coward and you wanna go back, it doesnt take you to where you wanna go. Just keep going, what matters is you have the courage.


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