I want to write something today,something that’s going on in my mind. You see I have a lot. I just dont know whether it matters or Desktop Backgroundnot.When you think of things, you dont know if its worth a bit of pondering or not.Its just there hangin in your clouded brain. I want to write what’s on my mind to find out, myself, which of these things have significance. But Im not sure whether to write it or not. Where do I start, i guess would be the hardest part of it. Since I am unsure about its relevance i doubt if i would be able to do it. This is funny but right at this moment I cant think of anything to write. I just want to pour some words… i wanna be able to tell a story. Be it of importance or not. Unfortunately, I have no idea. I know i wanna tell you something. I want to entertain you with my storytelling. For now I must think. What could there be in this lonely boring afternoon to tell? Nothing.


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