iPad a Touchstone to Digital World

Today I scanned some tech sites and wasn’t surprised by the web contents. The long awaited launch of the revolutionary tablet from Apple iPad is drawing customers from around the US to pile up infront of retail stores to be among the first hands to own the digitally hyped device.

Different opinions arise as to whether this 499-dollar be the mark of the death of a PC as rumors say Microsoft is about to come up with its very own dual screen mini-tablet called the Courier and is said to be multi-functional. Unlike the iPad’s inability to run programs simultaneously

As a digital journal, it appears to have numerous advantages over the iPad. While the iPad mainly functions with its intuitive 23cm-touchscreen feature, the mini-tablet from Courier flaunts its stylus input mode. 

Although this device has been the talk of every technology-driven websites only a few understands the use of iPad. The  ability to connect to a wi-fi is a major interest to consumers but the the incompatibility with Flash Media Player which is used to run most online videos could be a hold back. What is compatible with iPad is the newer video standard called HTML5 , which can be found in some iPad ready sites like BBC, Netflix and Pandora. Among the techies squabbles are the lack of port connector to monitors and USB slots, comes with its own power adapter, though.

“The iPad is so fast and light, the multi-touch screen so bright and responsive, the software so easy to navigate, that it really does qualify as a new category of gadget,” says a critic from New York Times. One of the applications I like about the iPad is being able to read hundreds of ibooks conveniently stored in 16,32,64gbs of memory.

The fact is, that the way we use computers is outmoded and many are getting ready for the digital world’s revolutionary tablet-computer generation as iPad become the mark of death of a pc era.


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