The Lost Droid

It was past 9m so hurriedly i strode on the bus last night and felt a relief when i found a seat just near the doorsteps of the Don Mariano bus (i will always hate this liner). On our way the bus stopped for some passengers in Roosevelt Ave (Munoz is the popular name of the area).Since where i was seated was for three and we were only two i moved to let the “mama” sit beside me. He was wearing a hat with a jacket in his hand and on my peripheral vision was clearly ogling me and as he was sitting beside me. I observed he looked at my hand, my bag and finally looked at the side of my face. I understood that he seemed amused when he looked at my bag because several people have already noticed it because of its unusual style which looks like im carrying a part of a bear since its coated with furs. As i stood up to get to the doorstep he was sitting a part of my jacket so i had a hard time standing up then i looked nudging at him to get his behind up. He stood a bit and was trying to be conversational but i didnt give him a chance to say another word by looking away from him.As i stood up, the man from the back end of the bus hurried infont of me. I looked up for some bars to hold on to and when the bus stopped there were already four men standing around me.One of them was standing with his back infront of me as if he was about to step out. The other two were on my right side and the culprit on my left where my bag is within his reach. I tapped the back of the man infront of him to let him know that we need to go down since the bus already stopped paid no attention to me instead he kept looking in the front of the bus and on the doorsteps as if he was afraid of being ran over by another vehicle. For a minute the bus has stopped and we were all still stuck in the bus’ doorsteps. After that the man infront of me looked behind and asked me ” bababa ka ba mam?” i replied swiftly and he stood out of the way went up in the bus again. I took off the bus on my way to the MRT station’s escalator and pulled my headset upon realizing the music has stopped. A part of my brain says the headset might have been pulled off the phone but the thump on my chest grew faster as soon as i saw my bag opened. When i searched for my phone inside my bag i began to feel nauseated and weak in my knees and felt my stomach pushed all of my blood though my muscles while the incident on the bus flashed on my mind. I was the only one who took off the bus despite the crowd on the doorsteps. What a perfect crime. I didnt check my phone while on the bus. They dont know i have a brillliant gadget yet these people knows who to victimize. I consider myself lucky though I wasnt harmed.

At some point im inclined to believe that the world is still full of good people, that goodness is innate in each person and that the bad will suffer with what they deserve, eternal hell in the lake of fire! but this incident has let me learned something, no matter how good you think about other people as the good is innate in each person so as the evilness in him.

Please be careful always. Let this not happen to anyone again.


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