Bald and Proud

India is the world’s largest importer of wigs. In six out of ten women in US experience hair loss and that’s what makes them India’s biggest market. It is a very serious condition to most men and women who are overwhelmed by different remedies, treatments, products and information on the on the web in search for possible solutions for hair loss. Generally speaking, hair loss is not only about losing hair from the head but also involves loss of hair from the head down to the body. Well that could mean a different thing to women, except for the fact that using fake eyelashes all day the might be a bit of a problem! Losing some of them would be great, but all of them..I doubt it. There is nothing more disheartening to a woman who had lost her hair for some unknown reasons. It is a definition of being a woman itself. In fact, gays wear wigs just to look more effeminate. At some point where a lot of women having diseases with treatments causing hair loss they were able to cope up because it was pointed out to them beforehand and so they could find the courage to accept the adversity. Some women experience losing only a spot in the head and that makes it look more awful. There are number of things affecting hair loss to women. Hormonal changes may contribute to the illness. Women who just gave birth after 2-3months exoerience excessive hair fall. Some are brought about with wrong use of treatments or hairstyles. Stress could also trigger this kind of a disease. Good thing is these can all be remedied by product treatments and medical breakthroughs you could possibly search in the web. I wouldn’t mind having a bad hair day everyday as long as its there, it sure needs some makeover but it still is my crowning glory!

Blame it on your genes. According to some online surveys, approximately 25 percent of men begin balding by age 30. So if you’re a guy in your late 20’s and you see some of your relatives in one of the family get together with hair scarcity, chances are you’ll get your own share of genes. That’s 4 in a 7 chance of getting the baldness gene. Now, in any case you don’t know anyone from your bloodlines with Alopecia (medical term for baldness-not too scary for a term) and you are probably bewildered and wondering why you are experiencing this serious condition, take a look at it at the brighter side of life. Most bald men belong to some level of status in life where you could find the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Gene Hackman, Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage and others. Not to mention the ones you see when you walk into the boardroom of any successful corporation. You’ll be amazed with the numbers of shiny plates. And remember as the saying goes- I don’t really know where it came from- bald men make better lovers! So if you are an impoverished gentleman when it comes to hair don’t fret that means you have just reach the peak of your career success. Impoverished but rich!


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